Thank you for your help in providing feedback which helps us to improve our service to you. It is our aim to listen to you and improve on areas that you identify as being problematic. Positive feedback is also welcome and boosts our staff morale.

The feedback we recently received was overall very heartening, one interesting fact was that 90% of our Surveyed Patients have been attending our Practice for over 3 years, some for over 30 years with the same GP!!

Many Patients (over 92%) commented on the excellent Interpersonal skills of our Clinical Team. Our Administration staff also rated highly with over 92% of you commenting that they courteous and polite.

We aim to improve on the areas which you found problematic:

We are trying to work harder at reception to make sure we phone to let you know if your practitioner is running 30 mins or more late.  We are also trying to be more informative when you check in to inform you an anticipated wait time of your booked appointment. You seem to appreciate our reminder service so we will be sure to continue to contact you the day before your appointment. Please continue to let us know if you are unable to attend your appointment which will help free it up for someone in need. Some consultations will take longer than others, please make sure that you book in for a longer appointment if you have more than one topic to discuss or if you feel it may take longer than your allocated time.

To improve issues with Parking were trying to condense staff parking, freeing up more road parking for our Patients. As a result of us working hard to improve our wait times it should have a knock on effect of reducing the amount of patients waiting at any given time and so reduce the demand on the car parking spaces.

As an Accredited Practice we take your confidentiality seriously so when you arrive in the Practice you will be asked to confirm some details such as your date of birth, address or phone number to ensure we have the right patient checked in. We thank you for your cooperation in this process. Please also make sure that you update your change of information if you move or change your phone. We tend to send reminders by text so it is important that we have the right information.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and provided us with feedback.

If you missed out and would like to share your comments please feel free to leave messages in our Suggestion Boxes in our waiting rooms, or you can email: enquiries@nnm.net.au.

Were always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can keep improving our services to you!