Current Fees and Charges- From February 2021

Payment at the time of consultation is required, EFTPOS is available, cheque or cash is also accepted.

Billing practices vary with each doctor, and a schedule of fees is available at the reception desk.

Our Doctors don’t routinely “BULK BILL” to Medicare unless you have a current, Eligible Veterans will be bulk billed.

Patients with Commonwealth Seniors Health Care cards are offered a discount fee. If our fees cause difficulty, please mention this to the doctor privately at the time of your consultation.

Childrens scheduled immunisations with our nurses are all BULKBILLED as are patients having appointments with our nurses for CDM ( Chronic Disease Management) or Health Assessment appointments.


Saturday morning appointments

We do not ‘Bulk Bill’ on Saturdays – ALL patients will be required to pay a fee or a discount fee including those routinely bulkbilled through the week, with the exception of Gold DVA card holders.