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 Child Health Checks 

Health checks aim to ensure that children are growing and developing as well as possible. These checks are performed at the same time as vaccinations are due. Included in the checks are clinical assessment, health education and family support.

Babies are weighed and measured regularly to ensure that they are developing healthily. Age appropriate assessments will be completed by both Nursing staff and you GP. Please make sure you remember to bring along your Blue Books so that we can complete the relevant documentation for you.

These sessions provide a great opportunity for parents to ask questions from our clinical team members and have any problem addressed; difficulties with breastfeeding or sleep for example. They can also be used to discuss immunisations and vaccinations.  Your family GP is the person to see if you have any concerns about your child’s health.  The doctor provides primary health care, referrals to specialists and, where necessary, coordinates your child’s health care.

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