Mental health is as important to us as physical health. Mental Health Care Plans performed  by our Doctors can also provide referral to local Psychologists for assessment and ongoing counsel.

As well as consulting with your regular GP at NNMP we can enable Tele-health conferences to Psychiatrists at the

.  in Sydney.

These consults are carried out in the privacy of a consult room within the practice; they provide an opportunity to discuss personal issues without having to travel to Sydney for each appointment.

Please talk to your GP if you have any concerns with your own mental health, we may well be able to help.


Visit mindhealthconnect to access a range of mental health resources and content from leading health organisations in Australia

“The mindhealthconnect website aggregates mental health resources and content from the leading health focused organisations in Australia. You can access a range of mental health resources including online programs, fact sheets, audio and video, and online communities provided by our trusted information partners.

mindhealthconnect, which launched in July 2012, is a national initiative operated by Healthdirect Australia, on behalf of the Australian Federal Government as part National E-Mental Health Strategy.”