travel immunisation                                                             Travel Advice / Immunisations


It is important to seek advice and immunisation before you travel to another country. While you are likely to have the immunisations needed to live in Australia, there may be other injections you need to protect yourself before going for example to Asia,  Africa or South America.

In some places you will need protection from rabies or malaria. Yellow fever and Q fever vaccinations are also available if required from our Accredited GP’s.  Your doctor will be able to advise you what diseases you will need to be protected from in any named country and advise you on other medical matters.

Travel vaccinations are not covered by Medicare and you will need to obtain a prescription for them from your GP.

If Yellow Fever vaccination is required you will have an initial appointment with the Doctor, then a follow up appointment will need to be made for immunisation.  At this appointment you will be given an information sheet about the vaccine and a consent form must be completed by your GP and yourself.  Travel documentation will be completed as you will need this to re-enter Australia post your travel.