Shared Medical Healthy Lifestyle Sessions 

 Dr Jon Hoar,

has recently been awarded his Certification in Lifestyle Medicine which demonstrates competency in Lifestyle Medicine, augmenting clinical or public health practice with a solid grounding in preventing, managing and reversing chronic and lifestyle-related diseases.

Dr Jon along with  Nurse Facilitators Sarah and Naomi are continuing to provide  Shared Medical Appointments weekly at North Nowra Medical Practice. These highly sought after sessions run for 7 weeks, each Tuesday 2-3.30pm. They provide information regarding Healthy Lifestyle Management, relating mainly to dietary requirement for a healthy life.

We encourage you to book in for our next group if you feel that you would benefit in order to reduce your risk of or increase your knowledge regarding relation of diet to Chronic Health issues such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis and even Cancer. Places are limited so book your place soon!

2020- Will see us expanding our programs to – Shared Medical Appointments focused on Smoking Cessation ( separate to our Healthy Lifestyle Management sessions)

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Shared Medical Appointments in Australasia